Welcome to my Showcase

My name is Thilly Coppelmans and I am a Dutch Industrial Design bachelor student at the University of Technology, Eindhoven. I was born in march-1994 in Eindhoven.

For me design is a way to benefit society. I want to support people who are having a harder time than others. My focus for my latest projects lies in designing for elderly, for example the project “Innovate Dementia”. I am interested in this project because my own grandfather also has dementia. I want to improve people’s lives by designing products or services that reduce the negative experiences, increase the ability to stay independent and therefore make life as “normal” as possible.

I am interested in designing products for these people that will help them to take care of themselves and their loved ones. I truly want to make these products universal and functional. Ideally the product does not draw attention to the otherness of the user; yet it does assist him or her.