During a meeting with one of the clients on how they liked the Up we also discussed what videos they where missing. Based upon this meeting I started searching for new videos. When looking for these videos I had to take into account the price of a video, the license that would come with it and the length of the video.

After searching and contacting a couple filmmakers who had videos which could be suitable for the new modules. I came across one filmmaker who had multiple videos of different themes and was interested in offering us a bigger variety of films with the right license. After having agreed on all the things within the license and what themes we could make with the movies we ordered the videos.

The new themes are: Christmas, Winter & Fall, Duck ponds, Fireplaces & Candles and lastly the Starry Sky. The last module, Starry Sky, consists of videos which I made using Adobe After Effects. For this module 3 videos where created: simple Twinkling stars, the same stars and an added galaxy color effect and lastly a clip where you fly trough the clouds with some stars and a moon in the background. After preparing all the videos for the modules, which included editing the clips so that they formed different clips and making sure that each video would have 5 different music tracks, I set up a small user test. In this test the new modules would be tested among elderly with dementia.

A preview of the videos can be found in the web shop from Qwiek or by clicking the links within the images bellow. When going to the product page of the module you want to see you can find a tab with video which includes a preview for the module. Within the process of making the new video’s I also made preview videos for all the new and existing modules.


Christmas video

Module with videos of Christmas, fireworks, winter landscapes and fireplaces with matching Christmas music

Fall & Winter

Fall & Winter Video

Module with videos of fall and winter landscapes.

Duck ponds

Duck ponds Video

Module with videos of duck pond and swan lakes.

Fireplaces & Candles

Fireplaces & Candles Video

Module with videos from fireplaces and candles.

Starry Sky

Starry Sky Video

Module with videos of a starry sky. Videos with twinkling stars or flying trough the clouds.

Testing the new modules

The test was conducted within a caring home for elderly with dementia. Here the Qwiek.up was set up in one room and the caregiver would get 1 or 2 elderly in the room to show one of the modules. Here the caregiver would give advice on what themes the elderly generally liked, which would help with finding what modules they liked. A module was played for around 10 minutes depending on the attention span of the elderly. During these movies the caregiver would if possible talk with the elderly about the movie. As observer I would take notes of the conversations with the elderly and how the elderly react to the video and the music. This user test taught me how important it is to prepare your user test and know how your users would be. When working with elderly with dementia it is important to make good arrangements of how to test with the caregivers. It is also important to know how to get the information you want out of the user test, for example: I wanted to do questionnaires with the elderly, however upon discussing this with the caregivers they mentioned that the elderly are not capable of filling in questionnaires. The best solution for this would be to observe the elderly and ask for feedback with the caregivers.

Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures of the elderly during the user test. However there was a short moment to take a couple of product pictures in one of the empty rooms.


From the observations and reactions from the elderly and caregivers different aspects of the movies where selected to be optimized. The most important factor here is making sure that the music fits with the videos. For example when looking at the Christmas theme a couple of the elderly started to sing along with the music, unfortunately they didn’t always recognize the songs. It would be good to improve this module by putting more recognizable music with the videos, maybe even songs with lyrics instead of only instrumental music.

The last step in the process is to optimize the movies based upon the results from the user test. This means altering some video’s and finding new music, especially for the Christmas module.