Project Description

One of the clients of Noos Design -Qwiek is a Noos design company- wanted an animated movie about their new project. The client delivered a written story line and the voice over text. With this my supervisor and I sat together and made a storyboard for the movie. After this we started animating everything with the use of Illustrator and After Effects. Due to privacy issues I am not allowed to make the video public. If you are interested in seeing it, feel free to contact me for the password of the video. The video can be found here .

From making this video I learned how to explain a concept using animations. I saw that parts of a story become easier to understand when having visuals to support the story. The making of the video helped with gaining more experience in designing. Within my feedback my supervisor mentioned that my design became better and better “with the Philips movie as one of the very best results”.