Project Description

The Qwiek.up is a product which enables you to easily project videos and pictures on your wall or ceiling. The Qwiek.up has a standard set of 6 “Belevingmodules”, which literally means experience modules. These modules each have their own theme and contain a set of video’s which in total last for about 60-90 minutes per module.

During my Internship I had the opportunity to make 5 new modules. For the Starry Sky module I made the clips using adobe after effects. The other four modules, Christmas, Winter & Fall, Duck ponds and Fireplaces & Candles, where made using footage bought from a filmmaker. To find these video’s I had to take into account that the clips would be suitable for elderly, that the licence would allow reselling of the videos within Europe and that the video+licence wouldn’t be too expensive.

After finalizing all the modules with different music tracks under each video I had the opportunity to set up a user test at one of the care homes which had already purchased a Qwiek.up. Here I was able to see what the elderly liked and did not like about the videos and music.

To read in more detail about this project, visit the project page.