Project Description

Qwiek got a new company car on which they wanted to put their logo and something which would make the car stand out. They asked me to work out a couple of ideas. After searching into which prices are attached to car stickers I discussed with my internship supervisor that the design should be fitted within a certain standard design. This would give some more direction to how the design should look. The designs I made were discussed however there is still no decision made into what sort of design should be on the car.

While working out designs I started with searching for interesting fotographs that would draw peoples attention. While editing the photographs I tried out different fading effects to make the lines of the photographs softer. When looking back I would do this differently and try to focus on other designs which would for example not include a photograph, or designs that do cover the whole car. When looking back at the designing I see that they all look alike.

The pictures used on the designs are from We didn’t buy the pictures, which explains the reason why the watermark is still visible on the pictures.