Project Description

The Qwiek.up can be moved easily from one room to another because it is on wheels. However it was to low to ride around comfortably. One of the clients even attached a stick to it so they could push it around. Therefore a process began to develop a handlebar for the Up.

Firstly a 3D model of the most obvious design was made. Just a simple handlebar. Soon we recognized that this was not possible due to the angle of the beamer which would interfere with the handle. Besides this the handle did not fit with the design of the Qwiek.up. By printing out a great number of images from the Qwiek.up a lot of new handle designs where drawn. By drawing instead of 3D modeling a greater number of designs could be made in a short period of time. From these designs 2 where chosen and drawn in 3D.

After the explorations and the new 3D models a meeting was set up to discuss how the final handle should look. Here each had their own preference, however there was always something missing about the handles. They all didn’t really fit with the design of the Qwiek.up. Since this was the conclusion from all the drawings and models made on the handles the final solution would be to make the legs of the Qwiek.up 10-15 cm longer. This would results in not having to bend over to push the Qwiek.up around, and you wouldn’t need difficult mechanisms to make a handle that wouldn’t block the projection.

From this design process I learned how important it is to take a step back while designing. Because we took a step back and also looked at other solutions, such as elongating the legs, we didn’t get stuck in trying to find the perfect handle for the Qwiek.up.