Project Description

The 3 products Qwiek offers now are all focused on having the care homes as their clients. However a shift is happening within the care sector which will lead to keeping elderly at home as long as possible. Qwiek wants to help the elderly within this transition by developing a product which can be used by elderly at home. The working title of this project is the Qwiek.home.

Within this project I started with doing research into which factors cause fragility among elderly and what the most common activities are among elderly. From this I concluded that the biggest problems are immobility and loneliness. After the research I set up a brainstorm to generate new concepts. During the brainstorm it became clear that we didn’t have enough information to create valuable concepts. This lead to more research into how we can stimulate elderly and what comes first, immobility or loneliness. From this research was concluded that we needed to know how the day of an elderly person would look like, what activities they do and what their interests are. This information can than be used to develop new and meaningful concepts. To collect this information I developed a form which can be used when interviewing elderly about these topics.

To read more about the research I did you can read the project page.