Project Description

One of the clients from Noos design wanted an Interactive Bin (IB).The IB is a trash bin that plays music when you throw trash in it. When the IB was finished, I was asked to make a flyer for it which could be given to other clients who were interested in the IB.

After finding and editing a decent picture of the IB I started with trying out different designs for a flyer. I quickly came up with the end design, however there was still something missing. The problem was that the picture did not clearly show what it is the IB does. Here I got the advice to try and draw on the picture to make it clear what the functionality of the IB was. This showed me that by making simple drawings you can make a clear visualization of a product. After this my supervisor picked out the drawing he liked the most. The only thing left was making sure everything was aligned, centered and scaled properly.

I also made the new assembly parts for the IB. Because the prototype we would keep at Noos Design was a different trash bin than the ones for the client I was asked to make a new design for it. This design would be a way to attach the LED and the IR receiver to the inside of the trash bin, making sure that they would be aligned. The first designs I made in Solidworks where to small so we could not easily screw them into the trash bin. The designs I made after only had a too small hole for the LED, which therefore didn’t fit. After altering this little mistake the pieces fitted perfectly into the trash bin.