Project Description

All of the products of Qwiek have their own manuals. The manual for the Qwiek.up however wasn’t finished yet. Therefore I had the opportunity to make the user manual for the Qwiek.up, besides this I also made the assembly manual. For all the manuals there is a basic company style which I had to follow. However for the manual I was able to write the texts and make all the pictures. Besides the Qwiek.up manual I also altered the Qwiek.melody manual to make sure the pictures are correct with the current version of the device and to make sure all the text in the pictures is in Dutch. Making the manuals showed me how important it is to make clear pictures and short explanations of the steps you need to take. This makes sure that the manual is not too overwhelming and understandable for your clients.

You can see the Qwiek.up manual here.