Project Description

During the fabrication workshop, organised by EduCie, an introduction was given on woodworking and silicone molding. Regarding the woodworking, I worked on a simple project of an acoustic speaker. Starting with making all the different layers of the speaker by hand to get the most acquaintance with different tools, the conclusion was that these tools, in the end, were not precise enough. As the last option, the CNC machine was used to finish the speaker. I feel the final product could be cleaner, and of a higher quality, if the CNC was used from the beginning. Nevertheless, the workshop allowed me to have more experience with woodworking that can be used in future projects.

Additionally, the workshop allowed the participants to make a plastic duplicate of a small object using a silicone mold. They taught the group how to make the casing for the silicone, place the object in the most efficient way, how to make the silicone and how to get the original object out and cast the plastic. This was a new experience for me on how this process worked and how this could be useful when making prototypes.