Project Description

Qwiek started to sell their modules for the Qwiek.up via their web shop. This means that they need to be able to send these modules to the clients. They asked me to look for packaging that would fit trough the mailbox. Here I also needed to take into account if it was possible to print your own design on the packaging and the minimum amount you need to order. To make a nice overview I made an excel document which consisted of a table with the name, measurements, price, website and minimum amount in one table. This made it easier to choose the packaging we would be using.

After finding a box that we liked I did some research into points which you have to consider when designing your own mail-boxes on the website of TNT post. With this information I started with the design of the Box.The first design only had a couple of feedback remarks, such as the changing of the address text and the size of the text. After altering these points the design for the new box was completed.