Project Description

Within the coming years, the amount of elderly with dementia is expected to increase (Alzheimer Nederland, 2015). Over the past years the amount of men in a long-term care institution has been increasing (CBS, 2016). Therefore this research looks at the problem of elderly men with dementia that urinate in hallways and bedrooms.

Using principles of reminiscence and Person-Centered Care (PCC) a probe was developed to test how to improve the situation in a nursing home concerning this problem. The probe consisted of a urinal, which resembles a tree, which could be placed in the hallways. It was tested for three weeks in different setups. During this period insights were gathered from the staff on the urinating behavior of the residents and on changes in their cleaning process. The tests were conducted at Land van Horne, Mariƫnburght in Budel.

The results show that when introducing the probe there was a reduction in the amount of other objects elderly urinated on. This means that they are more likely to urinate on the probe compared to something else. The information gathered allowed to capture some of the characteristics and functions that are needed for the development of a urinal for in the hallway.

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