Project Description

During my Bachelor I did my internship at Qwiek. Qwiek is a Dutch word that stands for vitality, healthy and fit. This is exactly what Qwiek is, with products that focus on vitality. Focusing on exiting less mobile people to start moving, and keep moving in a simple way in their own living environment. Qwiek currently has 3 products:, Qwiek.melody and Qwiek.up. The is an interactive screen which you control using body movements. Elderly can play games such as virtual darts and bingo or they can look at photos. The Qwiek.melody is an interactive dancefloor for in the hallway. The basic principle of this product is that music will play as long as you keep moving. Lastly the Qwiek.up is a product that creates room-filling projections and sounds. These help with the stimulation of your senses and are used with for example elderly with late stage dementia. If you want to know more about Qwiek you can visit their website.

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