Project Description

We live in an ageing society, which means that we have an increasing number of elderly and a decreasing number of children. This leads to more people having to rely on expensive health care. Health care services, medical treatments and other services for the ageing population will be based on ICT systems to answer this demand within health care.

This design research project focusses on technology acceptance amongst elderly. Literature acknowledges that there is a challenge for elderly, with varying reasons why they do not feel able or confident to use a technology (Neves & Amaro, 2012).

During the project, the focus was on how to introduce a new technology, within the context of exercising at home. The product resulted into two main concepts. On the one hand, a way to introduce new technology step by step to elderly users. Using the phased introduction of a new technology allows users to cope with a small piece of technology at the same time. This allowed them to get used to this feature before moving on to the next one.

On the other hand, a product that supports elderly when exercising at home, Sanna. Sanna is a ball which talks to elderly and helps them to exercise with instructions and feedback. Sanna is introduced to the users according to the phased introduction.

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