Project Description

The elective User experience, Theory and Practice was focussed on how to create empathy with your users, especially concerning difficult subjects. As part of a group, our focus was on loneliness amongst elderly.

Designing for user experience is about improving and enhancing user satisfaction during the interaction between the user and the product. To come to a fitted product for the user, the user group should be at the centre of the design process. Creating empathy with the user group plays an important role in this process. Within this elective, this was done by means of an empathy game, interviews with the target group and a co-constructing stories session.

Lastly, an additional aspect of the elective was on how to allow new group members to create empathy with the target group, without visiting them. This was done in a session consisting of three phases. These phases were focussed on personal experience, role play and idea generation to allow the new team members to create empathy.

In the end, a concept was developed on an activity planner which can be used in a community centre to support elderly to go to more social activities.

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