What I learned at Qwiek

Within Qwiek I was involved in a set of projects. Here I saw how Qwiek works with their clients, how they communicate assignments to each other and how they work together and plan their tasks. Besides working on projects I was also able to go to meetings with clients and to go to care homes to install the products there. During the client meetings I got a good image of how some clients already have a lot of ideas, without having the knowledge on how the technology would and could work, while other clients are open for the input you want to give to their project. It is important to be able to work with all sorts of clients and really convince them that what they want is not always the right way to accomplish their goal by letting them see what is feasible and how you can help them with reaching this goal.

During my internship I was also able to attend meetings about the future of Qwiek. Here I learned how they use the Business model canvas and really look beyond this canvas to the bigger picture of how this canvas looks now, and how they want it to look over 5 years. This included things such as the development of new products, new countries to sell the products in and a marketing campaign.

Regarding the marketing/communication of the company I was able to attend a meeting in which we had to look at who Qwiek is. What is its goal, how would Qwiek look if it was a person. This was a new way for me to look at a company and I see how this could help with communicating who you are as a company. Because if you know what kind of person your company would be, and what kind of persons your clients are, you can find the best way to communicate with them.

Within the projects I did at Qwiek I liked the fact that the projects I was working on where going to their clients. This means that you mostly have strict deadlines, you can not deliver poorly made prototypes and every detail of a project is Important. These are good factors to always consider, because the last steps and the smallest details can make a great difference in how the end product will look. I also got to deal with finding good options to order for example the packaging of the Qwiek.up belevinsmodules, where I had to consider design, quality, quantity and prices. When working with projects at the TU/e you mostly don’t have to consider these factors that much, since you only deliver one prototype, and not for example 20 of them.

Besides this I also learned a lot from the projects I did at Qwiek. You can find more information about what I did and learned during my internship in my portfolio or in my internship report.Click here to read my internship report


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Why I chose Qwiek

For my internship my main goal was to see how working within a company would be like. I wanted to go to a small company, which would hopefully enable me to be involved within the company. This would make sure that I could get a good image of how processes and projects go within this company. Regarding to why I choose Qwiek, which is mainly focused on care, is that I wanted to do something which was closely related to my own vision. My vision is that I want to design products for people who are physically or mentally disabled. These products should help them in their daily life. I think that the products they have at Qwiek are products that would fit within my vision. These products help elderly, who are becoming immobile. To get them more active and vital.

Projects I did at Qwiek